Advanced ad cost research

Ad Cost Benchmarks

Use SQAD Netcosts for national TV advertising cost data and negotiated rates for visibility into the larger ad cost market.

Negotiated Ad Costs

The most-complete database of actual negotiated ad cost transaction for national TV, cable, and syndicated broadcasts.

Advanced Reporting

Intuitive and powerful report building allows for granular research and discovery of critical market trends and performance.

Essential Budget Visibility

Use SQAD Netcosts to maximize ad spend budgets and ensure high-performing ad buys target key demographics.

30 years of market transparency and cost benchmarking

For more than three decades, Netcosts has been the gold standard for marketplace transparency in television ad costs. Agencies, networks, media groups, and third-party data providers rely on the rich market visibility provided by the Netcosts data.

Netcosts data provides unprecedented insight into the network performance for ad buys in broadcast, cable, and syndicated television.

Netcosts delivers transparency into the performance of network programming by genre to allow more targeted and meaningful budget allocation.

With the Netcosts data in hand, agencies and advertisers can review historical performance of programs across all networks to plan and budget campaigns.

Using the dynamic demographic data within Netcosts, advertisers can zero in on their target demo and build an effective advertising mix for their consumers.

Unified Ad Cost Research

Netcosts is now available in MediaCosts

For the first time, SQAD has integrated the industry-leading Netcosts data into the new MediaCosts research platform. Along with the national ad cost insights available from the Netcosts database, users will be able to access Spot TV local data and Webcosts digital advertising data.

This exciting new integration means that Netcosts data can be cross-researched against local and digital ad cost data for a more holistic view of the advertising marketplace.

Frequently asked questions

Once you login to MediaCosts, you will be able to select the NATIONAL data set from your US or Canada market selector. Upon selection, the available Netcosts reports will appear in a list below.

There are nine dynamic Netcosts reports available within the SQAD MediaCosts platform.  These reports include the most-popular reports such as “Network Performance,” “Genre,” and “Program Performance.”

You must activate your Netcosts subscription within MediaCosts to view and access the database. To activate, contact SQAD Client Success to link your Netcosts application data to MediaCosts.

Yes. The MediaCosts development team is hard at work creating a full integration with the Netcosts report catalog. As of now, there are nine Netcosts reports available within MediaCosts, with more being added soon.

At this time, MediaCosts does not allow for a cross-database unified report due to the key differences in how local ad cost data is reported versus the Netcosts data. There are plans to build deeper integration across the different data sets.

To access SQAD MediaCosts, you must have a subscription. Contact Us

Our USERS say

"Netcosts is critical to our media planning and optimization strategies. Without it we would be in the dark on how to budget and plan for our clients."
Account Manager
Leading Advertising Agency
"I once worked with an agency that didn't use Netcosts data and it was a nightmare. Every plan and budget was just guessing and praying. My new agency uses SQAD data and it's a lifesaver."
Ad Campaign Planner
Boutique Advertising Agency
"We require all of our partner agencies to use Netcosts data to justify their budgets and ad spend performance. Having a benchmark to measure success by has improved our partner relationships."
VP of Procurement
Packaged Goods Brand
"One of the critical tools we use as an auditing firm is SQAD Netcosts data. Their database provides a transparent foundation for media cost analysis that sets the playing field level."
Media Audit Director
Advertising Audit Firm

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